Meta Center

Business world in the metaverse


Welcome to MetaCenter!

We want to create an opportunity for everyone to pursue their dreams and achieve success.
To do that, we need to build a Metaverse world where anyone can open their own business.
Meet with colleagues for Future Collaborations (B2B) in Meta center and build your success.

Once our Metaverse world is ready for release, we want to create a “MetaCenter currency” that will
be used for the transactions between businesses and people.

Each landowner will receive monthly passive income by holding property in the “MetaCenter”!
There will be a fixed transaction fee of 0.01% in the MetaCenter that will go to our staking pool.
At the end of every month, there will be an airdrop for all property holders in the MetaCenter.

In the future, we envision that any property owner will have the freedom to lease or rent their
private property to other people who are either willing to open their business in the MetaCenter or
are just looking to enjoy all the privileges of business!
While this metaverse project is still in its early stages of development, we are eager for what is to
come. This digital world that we have been working so hard to build over the last year will only
succeed with the love and support of the Cardano community.

Our prediction for Q4 2022 is that our holders will be able to open their first business In the

Please join our Discord and use the “Suggestions” channel to submit any ideas and improvements.
Because this is a project for the community, the community will help decide many aspects of the inworld experience.



Complete funding round
SEA market focus
Quarter 1 2022
Exposing Meta Center to other chains in the -Metaverse Space
Land owner snapshot and random, Limited -edition MC NFT Airdrop
Game studios partnerships
Release of multiple titles per quarter
Quarter 3 2022
Launching "Meta Center virtust world"
Launching Meta Currency (MCA)
Airdrops for the property's holders
Quarter 4 2021
Growing the community
Website live Get verified on popular Marketplaces
Official sale of Meta Center's Properties
Quarter 2 2022
Development of Cross chain & Defi integration
Europe and Asia market expansions
Quarter 4 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

MetaCenter was created by Daniel Croft and Zoeng Lau and Taylor, We are three influencers in the Crypto and NFT space and we decided together that we want to bring something new to the Metaverse space.

By being a "Meta Holder" You will get an passive income by holding a Land/plot in the "Meta Center" from the air drops that will be on monthly basis.

Our collection of 3D properties are included in the total supply of 30k of different lands in different Locations In Meta city

We are aiming that everyone on the earth planet will have the chance to be part of the most powerful Unique Community in the Metaverse space that will be based on B2B (Business to Business in the metaverse).

Besides that, on the mint day, everyone will have the chance to get for themselves their first Land/Plot. Once you will have your property you will be able to open there your business. and also you will have access to MetaCenter's unique community that Includes Crypto Influencers and people that have eager to open their first business in the Metaverse and to start their exciting journey! including personal Houses with different styles, Live in your Lifestyle that you are dream about.

Yes! Once the economy of meta city will started with that will come the release of the "Meta Center currency" (MCA) 

Our personal favorite is Nami's wallet. It's a web browser extension that displays images of your Metaverse Lands and NFT's, you can send multiple NFTs at the same time, and is very fast. Alternatives are Yoroi, Daedalus, AdaLite

There are 30.000 unique Lands in MetaCity In total.


Founder and CEO
Daniel. C

A manufacturer of open source intelligence solutions. Influencer in the Crypto and NFT space, Bringing something new to the Metaverse world.

Blockchain Expert
Peter. B

An executive manager with a strong technical hands-on record of building and delivering high performance products to achieve technology innovation. Working with some of most promising start-ups. NFT and Crypto Enthusiast

Business Development
Connor. M

6BA in Business Administration, works as Consultant of crypto companies around the world. Crypto investor & a passionate gamer He is also leading his family company, managing investments of over $3B .

Strategic Adviser
Barbara. K

Managing Partner of QCP Market LTD & De Fi Capital. Seed Investor of Axie Infinity and advisor to various blockchain/defi protocols and distributed applications. Accelerated various decentralized finance related projects,.

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